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My Cafe: Recipes & Stories

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Good: Build relationships with regular customers – Unlock new recipes
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Focusing on more story driven cooking gameplay My Cafe: Recipes & Stories has you taking the cafe of your friend Ann and building her location into the number one place in town with coffee, baked goods and even hearty meals for your customers.


The first thing you’ll realise about My Cafe: Recipes & Stories is that graphically the game stands apart by offering a 3D style rather than the usual flat 2D designs seen in similar restaurant simulation games.

Graphics aside the game opens up with players serving their first customer and putting the necessary infrastructure in place to do so. Each of your customers will need a seat and once seated will request a food or drink item from your selection. While players start with a basic tea machine and an ice-cream freezer the game eventually expands to things like cupcakes, coffee, cake, pastry and many variants within these categories.

To create each of these you’ll need the necessary equipment which sees you constantly making progress from simple cafe to bustling location. This process is slower in My Cafe: Recipes & Stories but not because the game is a grind, instead the progress of your store is slowed down by the story experience which sees you bonding with your regular customers.

This feature makes My Cafe: Recipes & Stories a completely different experience than most and ideal for players that want a bit more connection to the story of a growing cafe that has you grow your base customers, learn about their stories and grow your offering to their tastes.


These tastes tie in closely to the second element that separates My Cafe: Recipes & Stories which is the price setting and combinations of recipes to uncover. Unlocking these combinations requires players to have the necessary equipment and then selecting them both to discover the recipe (for example combining tea and milk to create and English Tea). Not only are these combinations delicious to guests but they also earn a higher price.

The slower approach might not be for all fans of the genre but the extra focus on building relationships and uncovering recipes is a nice shift from the usual gameplay in the genre.


  • Build relationships with your customers as your cafe expands.
  • Unlock new recipes by combining items together.
  • Serve cakes, hot drinks, ice cream and many other items.
  • Set the prices you want for each individual item.
  • Free cooking game on iOS and Android.

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My Cafe: Recipes & Stories, 8.3 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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