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Release: Oct 2012
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My First Dog

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Good: Realistic pet AI – Great graphics to bring pet to life
Bad: Limited toys and breeds – Planned features seemingly abandoned
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Featuring real time pet simulation with plenty of interaction with your furry friend, My First Dog is an app available on both Android and iOS devices from PlayBean Co.


Greeted by Dr. Meow in the pet store players will get to choose from a range of puppies to adopt. These options include the Beagle, French Bulldog and Yorkshire Terrier with multiple fur colours and styles within each category to ensure you’ll truly love your new companion.

With your friend purchased players can move onto the next portion of gameplay in My First Dog which sees you caring for and playing with your selected pet. This includes managing health, thirst, cleanness and health by interacting with your pet which is done through careful touch commands or the game menus.

Similar to the popular Nintendogs the game takes place within your own house as you watch your pet move around the room in a very natural way. They’ll look around, walk, sit down, explore the environment and more to give the impression of a real life dog. This impression is made all the more real once play items are thrown in such as the starting frisbee which when thrown will be caught by your dog in a realistic manner. Other activities include taking your dog for walks and entering them into contests.


The item pool is unfortunately quite shallow in My First Dog though so outside of a frisbee, book and an assortment of balls there isn’t much to unlock here. Thankfully other areas aren’t as bland with a decent number of rooms for you to choose from to give your puppy new locations to explore along with a great range of accessories to customise your dog with hats, glasses, collars, backpacks and shoes.

With the amazing realistic graphics and good performance of the app even on older devices My First Dog is one of the great pet apps on the market.


  • Adopt up to 2 dogs at a time.
  • Choose from 3 different breeds with various fur colours.
  • Purchase items to play with, new houses to explore and accessories.
  • Take your dog for walks and enter them into contests.
  • Play for free on Android and iOS.

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My First Dog, 9.2 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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