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My Free Circus

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Bad: Similar to Upjer's My Free Farm 2
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Lead the greatest circus to ever exist in My Free Circus, a game that takes the popular formula from Upjer’s My Free Farm 2 and transports it into the entertainment realm by adding performers, clowns and attractions.


Taking instructions from the ring master straight away players will build up their circus area with impressive attractions to bring in important visitors. Starting with the important pony pen you’ll also learn the ins and outs of the farming mechanic which acts in a similar way to previous mobile titles from the Upjer’s team.

Farming is a cornerstone of the game with deliveries to make some circus coins on the side and guests regularly wanting food items to feed to the appropriate animal. With more guests in your circus your ticketing stand will collect more money which can be invested back into creating the greatest circus show around.

In order to achieve this My Free Circus provides plenty of event guidelines with a central mechanic to the game being circus shows which require certain animals and performers to be within your circus. Unlocking said requirements is easy enough though and generally requires a particular level or building which ensures you always have an objective to focus on obtaining.


With some items taking up to level 70 to unlock this progress is nothing short of a long term aim. Between all the different game elements to enjoy though it never feels like a chore as you switch between pleasing guests, taking up quests, delivering fresh produce for coins and turning basic ingredients into tasty recipes for your performers.

My Free Circus is an enjoyable simulation title with lots of little mechanics coming together to ensure there is always a task at hand.


  • Lead your very own circus and attract visitors.
  • Farm resources and invest them into your circus.
  • Care for your animals and performers to put on rewarding shows.
  • Enjoy a large number of unlocks up to level 70.
  • Play for free on Android and iOS or in your browser.

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My Free Circus, 7.7 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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