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My Free Farm 2

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Farm until your hearts content in My Free Farm 2 the sequel to Upjer’s popular farming simulation game. Moving away from the browser and opting to instead bring the game to mobile you’ll be able to enjoy the experience on iOS and Android devices.


You’ll find the game world of My Free Farm 2 to be a colourful affair as you take care of your crops, choose from a wide range of decorations, care for animals and much more. While similar to the countless other farming simulation titles for mobile My Free Farm 2 has a great sense of quality in all game elements, this is then paired with some unique gameplay mechanics such as decorations having a use within the game by providing vital tools for expansion.

After opening the app players are instantly greeted with their helpful farm hand where you’ll learn the basics of harvesting from your plot of land, using this fulfil customer orders and placing decorations within your farm area. Players are also taught the basics of completing quests, upgrading buildings and turning basic farm grown produce into higher values of goods.

This constant upgrade cycle continues in traditional fashion with players completing short quests for visitors that come to visit their farm, filling customer orders and ultimately gaining levels which unlock additional content to keep the cycle flowing.


With dozens of resource producing fields, trees and buildings paired up with various animals, decorations and refining buildings the wealth of content is one of the best in the genre with plenty of unlocks past even level 80. This will no doubt fly by though with the regular item unlocks.

If you’re seeking a farming game to get into long term few can compete with the level of gameplay variety and items within My Free Farm 2.


  • Develop your own thriving farm.
  • Free to play on mobile devices.
  • Build crops, purchase animals, upgrade buildings and place decorations.
  • Turn basic products into high demand produce.
  • Over 100 levels of items to unlock.

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My Free Farm 2, 6.7 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
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