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My Horse

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My Horse lets you live out your dream of having a realistic horse to call your own. Available on your mobile device My Horse lets you own, care, groom, feed and compete with your very own virtual horse.


The game aims to be a realistic simulation game and succeeds most notably due to the impressive graphics that can really help bring your horse and the game world to life.

You’ll often be captivated while watching your horse as they trot around, flick their tail and even occasionally neigh. The range of activities and social nature of the experience also beef up the realism considerably as the game feels very complete in all elements.

Starting your My Horse adventure players will meet and name their new companion, once you’ve created your horse players will meet Dan the Stable-boy who assigns you some basic tasks that will help you generate experience and game currency.

These basic tasks combine with all sorts of activities that offer a mini game style experience. Feeding your horse for example requires you to create a recipe by balancing ingredients or grooming your horse by removing the dirt on them with your finger.

All of these activities tie into the health and happiness of your horse and the coin currency that are used to purchase new equipment such as saddles, boots and other horse related items.


The real longevity and excitement of the game comes through the show jumping where you’ll compete for championships. These contests aren’t just a simple numbers game though with players having to carefully time the tapping of a button to be successful.  Each jumping event has various entry requirements (health and training levels) that constantly has you striving to improve your horse.

My Horse blows other mobile horse simulation games out of the stable with a graphically impressive experienced combined with varied game activities.


  • A horse simulation game for your mobile device.
  • Create your own horse and care for them through various mini games.
  • Purchase new equipment and items with your coins or gems.
  • Enter into show jumping competitions.
  • Visit your friends stables.

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My Horse, 8.9 out of 10 based on 15 ratings
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