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Release: Jan 2017
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My Story: Choose Your Own Path

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Good: Strong visuals – Multiple genres
Bad: Some choices hidden behind premium currency
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Offering a game with countless stories just waiting to be experienced My Story: Choose Your Own Path sits amongst other iOS and Android games within the genre. Choose between drama, romance and everything in between as you choose how the story progresses.


After first opening up the app players will be prompted to pick their first adventure from romance and drama. While this is intended to get you used to the type of stories on offer players can also explore crime and comedy in due time. All stories are split into groups of chapters which can range from as low as 8 all the way up to 35 for some of the larger stories.

Within each story players will find decent dialogue and great character animations that help each scene feel like a realistic story. Similar to other visual novel games player will make a variety of small choices with only minor impacts on the dialogue while larger choices can change the outcome of the story more drastically.

When compared directly to other games in the niche the number of decisions to be made in My Story: Choose Your Own Path is slightly lower but does have the benefit of much stronger dialogue as a response to that so it feels like a fair trade off.


Unfortunately some of the more interesting story decisions are pushed beyond a premium currency of diamonds so most players will have limited control over the story direction. A ticket based currency system also limits the amount of playtime you can enjoy although you can unlock a small amount of additional tickets by trying the developer’s other games.


  • Large collection of stories split across romance, drama, crime and comedy genres.
  • Make small and large decisions that impact the story.
  • Enjoy animated visuals to bring the story to life.
  • Explore all sorts of characters and settings.
  • Free to play for Android and iOS.

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My Story: Choose Your Own Path, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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