Metacritic (PC): 59/100
Metacritic (Xbox): 65/100
Metacritic (PS): 57/100
Release: Jul 2016
Reviewed on: PC


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Opting to lean more heavily on the action role playing framework with the likes of randomisation, items and loot is Necropolis. The result is a randomised Dark Souls adventure that has rouge-like undertones.


Art style is bound to intrigue players with geometric shapes, strange enemies and various other inspiration for design. Thanks to the randomisation behind the scenes you’ll be intrigued for dozens of runs as you encounter a new enemy, a new map design or simply a different room layout.

Visuals aside gameplay will be instantly familiar to players of Dark Souls and Dark Souls like titles. You’ll have your ever important stamina bar which needs to be carefully managed for combat success. While heavy attacks are adapt at dealing with large groups of enemies they will heavily drain your stamina bar while also temporarily bringing down the maximum stamina bar value until it’s recovered with food or potions. This creates a unique balancing act of when to use your large attacks as there can be dire future consequences, particularly if you are low on resources.

Generally though resources are thrown at the player in healthy doses although some are rarer than others and can leave the player having to adjust their crafting around the materials they do have readily available. Crafting is done in game (no pause) at any time during your adventure. Other items also drop regularly from ready potions, scrolls and items although vague descriptions make these hard to rely upon unless you have no alternative.


Co-operative gameplay is really where Necropolis shines as it adds the ability to revive your friends, ensuring deaths are much less common while also providing plenty of laughs as you accidentally kill eachother with the always on friendly fire.

Just like the battles you’ll have with enemies there are hits and misses throughout the game although there are definitely more hits to be had in co-op.


  • Experience randomised levels, enemies and loot.
  • Craft potions and food to regenerate your health and stamina.
  • Balance basic attacks and powerful attacks.
  • Make background progress with every single run.
  • Join your friends for a co-operative experience.

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