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Release: Jul 2014


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Good: Game world – Skill trees – Freedom to play the way you want
Bad: Some mechanics aren’t up to scratch
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Nether changes up the survival genre that has recently become popular with games like Rust and DayZ gaining a large number of followers. Combining PvE and PvP gameplay together as you explore, craft, trade and kill you’ll be hooked on Nether whether you choose to adventure alone or with other players.


The game aims to be more fast paced than its competition with a smaller map and faster enemies that you won’t be able to outsmart as easily. These AI controlled enemies are Nethers, alien creatures that can be extremely deadly and even have the power of teleportation. These Nethers come in a wide range of types adding some more depth to PvE content then what DayZ offers.

Death is permanent in Nether with new spawns armed only with a kitchen knife to start their adventure. The game is definitely about enjoying the journey as you fight from rags to riches by acquiring loot left around in this post-apocalyptic game world. From food to weapons, ammunition and other equipment everything must be scavenged or traded with other players.

If you aren’t able to scavenge enough water and food for your survival players will find that it can be just as deadly as the Nether themselves (or other players). The longer you are able to survive though players will be rewarded with experience to place into several skill trees. With options including strength, stamina, melee and survival there is room to cater each new character to a different playstyle. This system ensures that players feel like they are gaining strength during their adventure both through skills and equipment.


As an online experience the community also plays a key role in your Nether experience. With safe zones that let you save your loot for other characters or put a team together, server wide events that bring players together and tribes that let you claim your own territory there is plenty of community engagement to enjoy.

With some interesting design elements separating it from other games in the genre Nether promises to be a great adventure for players of all playstyles.


  • Explore a post-apocalyptic Chicago.
  • Participate in tribes and server wide events.
  • Supportive of all playstyles thanks to the deep skill tree.
  • Loot, trade and even craft new items.
  • Fight alone or with friends.

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Nether, 7.5 out of 10 based on 11 ratings
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    a WordPress rating system

    a WordPress rating system

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