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Good: Large number of mercenaries – Flashy skills
Bad: High automation
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Nightfalls joins the other browser titles to come from 37 Games. Known for their simple browser experiences Nightfalls is one of their more in depth adventures.


Playing as a fallen angel your role is to recruit a team of mercenary fighters to take on the evil opponents that you’ll encounter throughout this story focused game that has you helping the mortal realm fight off the darkness. Unlike their other titles which occur in real time Nightfalls pursues a simple turn based combat mechanic which ties in closely with building your team.

While it is turn based the strategy of the game focuses on the crafting of your team and raising your corresponding battle rating to take on tougher foes. This is primarily because combat is highly automated which works hand in hand with automatic pathing which will lead you from quest to quest. Combat is primarily centred around a rage system where simple attacks build up rage in order to cast more powerful variants.

Your avatar has limited customisation other than gender which is slightly disappointing in a game that has lots of content in other game areas. Despite this missing customisation most of the game world is well presented graphically with a range of locations and enemies although there is some inconsistency in the quality depending on the area. This is more prevalent in the instanced combat map which is separate to the main game world.


Similar to other 37 Games titles the real meat of gameplay is in dungeons and bosses which have various rewards for completion and can propel your battle rating dramatically. This also serves as the end game which is easily reached once you factor in the automated nature of the gameplay.

Nightfalls is undoubtedly one of the best 37 Games titles yet but that doesn’t mean it will be enjoyable to those who don’t like automated gameplay.


  • Lead your mercenary team as an angel of the light.
  • Conquer difficult bosses and vast dungeons.
  • Automated pathing and combat lets you level up easily.
  • Plenty of game content from equipment to monsters and quests.
  • Free to play browser title.

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Nightfalls, 7.1 out of 10 based on 10 ratings
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