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Release: Jan 2015
Reviewed on: PC (Early Access)


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Good: Intense action – Skillsets of humans of vampires – Dark atmosphere and maps
Bad: Poor matchmaking at the time being
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Note: This game has been shut down and is no longer available.

Nosgoth is a free to play PvP adventure that pits humans and vampires against each other in round based team combat. It’s an intense experience that is akin to the versus mode in the popular Left 4 Dead franchise but more fleshed out and balanced.


Appealing to fans of FPS games for the action, MOBA fans for the teamwork and fantasy fans that have always dreamed of a game that lets them play as a bloodthirsty vampire or powerful vampire slayer instead.

Core gameplay involves two rounds of combat between two teams of four players. For one round you’ll take control of the vampires who are focused around powerful melee combat and fast movement. For the other round you’ll swap to the humans who have an arsenal of bombs and ranged attacks to keep the vampires at bay. Both the vampires and humans have their own class options which can be somewhat customised further to create a load-out for your preferred style or team needs.

General gameplay flow has the vampires being the aggressors as they use their stealth, speed and surprise attacks to destroy the party of humans. This is supported by the vampires abilities to easily scale walls, fly and regenerate health from slain enemies which allows them to be much more aggressive in gameplay. This leaves the human adventurers to find a defensible position as they fend off constant attacks.


In addition to the core deathmatch mode Nosgoth also includes a domination style game mode known as Flashpoint that requires the human time to capture certain map points in a limited amount of time.

Nosgoth has a lot to offer for fans of all sorts of genres, if you crave intense PvP action with an emphasis on teamwork Nosgoth has the game you’ve been waiting for.


  • 4v4 team based warfare.
  • Fight as the vampires and humans against other players.
  • Very different combat styles with multiple classes to experience.
  • Intense and fast paced gameplay.
  • Free to play.

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Nosgoth, 8.8 out of 10 based on 16 ratings
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