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Nozomi – Clash of Zombies

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Nozomi – Clash of Zombies is a strategy game that has you fighting off zombies and attacking other players for resources to keep your settlement alive. This strategy experience is free on both iOS and Android devices.


The game takes place in a current day era where a neutron star is about to collide with the Earth. Lots of the radiation has already leaked to the Earth’s surface though turning some of the population into brain dead zombies! The only hope for the human race lies within the spaceship Nozomi which will need to be repaired for humanity to survive. As you repair it during the game you’ll also unlock new technologies to help in your fight.

To reach your goal of upgrading the Nozomi players will have to construct many supporting buildings to produce resources, provide protection or allow them to train soldiers. Players also have to consider their refugee population as humans will slowly find their way to your base for protection.

Unlike other games in the genre Nozomi – Clash of Zombies isn’t just about PvP and PvE content isn’t delivered through a campaign either. In Nozomi – Clash of Zombies players will be continually attacked by zombie hordes (with a timer displaying the time until the next attack). This adds an interesting element to the game as you have to constantly be prepared for zombie attacks while also wary of other players. These attacks by the AI also add to the story and world of the game, making you feel as if you are one of the last hopes for the human race.


These zombie attacks don’t only serve as a means to test your defences as they also allow you to capture zombies to use against enemies.

Other features in Nozomi – Clash of Zombies include the ability to join alliances of other players (known as leagues) and the option to watch replay videos of battles or even save them to your device for sharing or uploading.


  • A zombie based take on the Clash of Clans formula.
  • Constant zombie horde attacks.
  • Capture zombies to use on your enemies.
  • Save videos of every battle to show crushing defeats or amazing victories to others.
  • Creates a very realistic setting where you really feel like the last hope of Earth.

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Nozomi – Clash of Zombies, 7.9 out of 10 based on 28 ratings
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