Metacritic (PC): 70/100
Metacritic (PS): 72/100
Release: Apr 2013
Reviewed on: PC

Papo & Yo

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Good: Simple and beautiful – Metaphoric story
Bad: Feels too slow in parts with tedious elements
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Papo & Yo is an interesting fantasy adventure, following a young Brazilian boy the game setting can only be compared to a dream like world. The game is primarily puzzle based although their simple design focuses your attention more on the adventure than puzzle solving.


The game centres around Quico, a young Brazilian boy who finds himself hiding in the closest from his abusive father. Holding tight to his favourite toy, a robot doll he discovers a strange chalk pattern within the closet which when touched sends him to a dream world, allowing him to escape his situation.

In this strange new world Quico meets a young girl who originally is fearful but eventually helps guide you through the strange environment. Further into your adventure players discover a strange creature known only as Monster who can go from docile to angry very quickly and a key ingredient to the often basic puzzles. During exploration players will also see flashbacks of their father as connections between the dream world and the real world begin to be drawn.

Gameplay is all about navigating the Brazilian favela that Quico finds himself in. The game utilises some basic puzzles which require players to move objects and activate parts of the environment. For example touching or pulling various chalk drawn objects will reveal new paths. These never feel difficult and feels like a natural exploration that one would expect from a world created within a child’s imagination.


Once players find Monster mid way through the game this puzzle options expand to include using Monster’s large belly to reach new heights or guide him to hold down a pressure plate.

Papo & Yo offers a great exploration of Quinco’s dream like world while exploring some dark themes.


  • Explore a dream world with Quinco.
  • A story that uses a number of metaphors for Quinco’s situation.
  • Simple puzzles that focus on the journey over puzzle solving.
  • Interesting world design with plenty of secrets.
  • For Windows, Mac and PS3.

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Papo & Yo, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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