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Parallel Kingdom MMO

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Note: This game has been shut down and is no longer available.

Parallel Kingdom MMO adds location based elements to the massively multiplayer gaming scene. Available for iOS, Android and Windows/Mac you can play on the go but also check in on your surrounding area while at your computer.


The game takes place on a separate world to our own, thus the name Parallel Kingdom. Primary game mechanics involve players claiming their own territory while making friends to combine your armies into a single powerful force.

This territorial based game offers a variety of ways to play which ensures players can choose to take either a PvE or PvP approach. This territory that you can claim starts right in your own backyard, once established here you can explore more of this parallel world and claim other areas for yourself.

The basis of any empire though is a constant stream of resources which come in the form of wood, leather, oil, crystal, stone and food. Obtainable from the environment or from other players (raiding and trading) these resources will support your future monuments and units. A great way for new players though is to use the hunting mechanic which lets you take your character out into the wilderness to hunt down a variety of foes that range from timid to legendary.


Specialisation and customisation of your own avatar is also an in depth area of gameplay with virtual items and skills that can alter your power and strengths. Parallel Kingdom MMO also allows you to craft your own equipment which is where the most effective gear lies.

Parallel Kingdom MMO is one of the original mobile strategy games to make use of location based mechanics and has been unable to continually improve itself for a number of years which makes it easy to recommend for those seeking a long term strategy title to invest in.


  • Location based strategy MMO.
  • Collect resources through gathering and trade with others.
  • Make your own alliance to team up with friends.
  • Hunt monsters from timid to legendary.
  • Craft your own gear and customise your avatar.

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