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Release: Nov 2010
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Perpetuum is originally a subscription based MMO with a sci-fi theme where players take control of their own robot. From March 2014 the game opted for a buy to play model instead.


Perpetuum takes place in the future and is based on the discovery of a planet that is home to robot like life. Using some human engineering the human race is able to hack into some of these lifeforms to begin conquest of the planet for our growing resource needs.

The game is a packed MMO experience with everything that you would expect from a subscription based game. Players are free to build their own robot, complete missions, trade, hunt for power artefacts, mine minerals, join factions and test their robot in battle (PvP and PvE). Newer game updates have allowed players to start terraforming islands within the game world and create player managed settlements complete with buildings and structures for defensive purposes.

After you create your account in Perpetuum you can start your own robot adventure (with room in your account for up to 3 different robots). These robots can belong to one of the three super power corporations, each with their own strength and robot part preferences. Robots are then broken down further into classes such as light, assault and heavy.


The game is split up into a number of islands which are then given ranking based on their PvP options, rarity of resources and NPC enemies. This system is both simple to learn and very effective at allowing players to assess risk/rewards for each given island.

Subscription MMOs are becoming increasingly less attractive thanks to all the amazing free alternatives available these days but when a game of the calibre offered by Perptuum comes along it makes the subscription cost well worth it (and don’t forget you’ve got 14 free days to decide).


  • Choose your own robot and customise them to your preference.
  • Explore a variety of islands with varied environments and options.
  • Unique level system.
  • Subscription model turned once off purchase.
  • Highly polished experience.

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Perpetuum, 7.6 out of 10 based on 11 ratings
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