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Good: Enemy and pet variety – Different environments
Bad: Not free – Some level bugs
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Note: This game has been shut down and is no longer available.

If you are looking for a high quality game that plays like Plants vs Zombies, PetsWar is one of the best games available for iOS devices.


In PetsWar you’ll be defending your homeland of Green Kingdom against a variety of evil monsters that have been summoned by a dark wizard. You were one of the few with immunity to his power and you also have the ability to command an army of pets to fight for you. The back story for the game isn’t anything special but is enough to provide the setting for your encounters.

In the game you’ll set up your defences on the left hand side of the screen while enemies will approach from the right hand side like most 2D tower defence games. At your disposal you’ll have over 25 different pets with their own abilities and methods of attacking the enemy. This includes your golden egg laying duck (resource generation), bears, frogs, wild boars and many other animals.

The side of evil is equally diverse though with over a dozen enemy types to defend against. This includes witches, mummies and other creatures of evil.


This variation in PetsWar is only enhanced further with different battlegrounds that you’ll fight on which includes grassy areas, water levels, combinations of both and night time levels. These varied environments definitely help keep the gameplay fresh and means you will have to constantly adjust your strategy to the different challenges that each setting presents.

As far as games that follow the PvZ formula go it’s hard to fault PetsWar. Not only has it captured the core gameplay elements but it’s also added enough of its own features.


  • An impressive 2D tower defence game (like Plants vs Zombies).
  • Large number of pets and enemies.
  • Multiple environments that each require a different strategy.
  • Good difficulty balance.
  • Made for iOS devices.

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PetsWar, 6.3 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
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