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Piercing Blow

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Piercing Blow is a multiplayer focused title with a strong community along with an Esports scene. Originally coming to the shores of the US in 2010 under the name of Project Blackout (Point Blank in other territories) the game has been modernised with the 2015 re-release under the name Piercing Blow.


The game has many similarities to the other big titles in this space but does offer a decent level of quality for a free to play FPS and definitely on the top end of the available offerings.

Piercing Blow’s formula is fairly typical with a wide range of available game modes available for players to get their feet wet. From the standard team death match, demolition, bot practice and a host of customisable settings to alter matches to your liking. The most unique game mode though involves two teams of players battling against each other with one playing the role of dinosaurs.

The sheer number of maps (well over 3 dozen) ensure that when combined with the range of game modes that replay value in Piercing Blow is particularly high.


Outside of game modes Piercing Blow is all about using your hard earned game currency on gear and weapons. The weapon list is fairly impressive for a free to play title and they each feel different enough that there is an actual choice to be made. Gear is where much of the depth is though with most items having a small but noticeable impact on basic character statistics. These gear choices tie in well with the skills available that add a layer of customisation to combat.

With a robust ranking system available and regular events (mostly tournaments) mixing with all the other well designed game elements Piercing Blow compares favourably to the other free to play FPS titles out there.


  • A relaunch of a long lasting FPS experience.
  • Strong multiplayer community and even an Esports scene.
  • Huge collection of maps and games modes (including a unique dinosaur mode).
  • Equip skills, gear and a variety of guns.
  • Regular events and tournaments.

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Piercing Blow, 7.6 out of 10 based on 10 ratings
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