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Release: Jan 2013
Reviewed on: iOS

Pixel People

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Good: Job DNA system – Hundreds of jobs – Great graphics and settings
Bad: Slows down significantly too early
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Create your own pixelated town (Named Utopia) in Pixel People a game that has you playing the mayor of your own little thriving town. By building residences for your pixel “clones” and all other manners of buildings you’ll restore humanity to a level of greatness not seen for many years.


Available for iOS and Android Pixel People takes place in a space like environment with players having to build floating plots of land in order to expand the reach of their town. As mayor you’re behind all these decisions as to how you’ll develop your starting game area, which can be expanded further once you’ve got a healthy income of game coins.

Said decisions break down into turning each blank area of space into land and then developing it into a residential building to house new clones (pixel people) or a building that can support a job for your clones, giving you an income of gold for future expansion.

When enough space is available in your residential locations players will be able to activate clones from the arrival centre where they come in as blank slates for you to turn into particular professions. This is done through DNA splicing where you take the DNA from job roles you already have unlocked, such as combining mayor and mechanic together to create an engineer who has their own special workplaces and can then be used to create a new job when spliced with other job DNA.


With over 400 jobs to discover by combining jobs together and buildings that are predominately unlocked when you create a particular clone this is your main area of focus in Pixel People.

While the game does slow down dramatically as you hit the early 100s of jobs unlocked, the cute design of Pixel People and the job unlock mechanic make it worth playing, even if you don’t intend to go all the way.


  • Play as mayor of Utopia and develop it.
  • Combine jobs together to unlock 400 unique titles.
  • Build up your residential areas and support it with business buildings.
  • Play for free on iOS and Android.
  • Decorate with parks and roads to create a dream city.

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Pixel People, 6.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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