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Release: Nov 2010
Reviewed on: PC

Planet Horse

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Saddle up for a horse adventure in Planet Horse, a game that lets you ride your own steed across vast landscapes, participate in riding competitions and customise your ride with all sorts of accessories. With 7 different breeds that even include a zebra and unicorn Planet Horse will have you riding into the sunset a top your own personalised and trained ride.


Starting out a new game in Planet Horse players will create their own rider. Customisation of your rider is fairly limiting in Planet Horse with the attention and options going instead to your noble animal. Options for horses include the 7 breeds mentioned earlier, head, leg and body patterns, gender, name and stat options (strength, jump and speed).

From here players can start training their horse and participating in various events which you’ll be able to continually improve upon as you progress through the game. This includes jumping competitions and races which all take place in fairly impressive game environments considering the release date of the game.

For all your hard earned work on the field players will be able to generate coins to spend on their horses equipment and riding gear back at the stables. Here players can also brush their horse to keep them clean, check out their trophy room and more.


Progression occurs pretty quickly in Planet Horse especially if you’ve played the game before as you’ll be able to come first in many of the early competitions. This makes the game worthy of a few playthroughs as different horses (both visually and in terms of stats) can change the experience, albeit slightly.

For the horse crazed gamers out there Planet Horse is a great offering and well worth the few dollars it will set you back.


  • Ride 7 breeds of horse (zebra and unicorn included).
  • Jumping trials and races to test your horse riding abilities.
  • Customise your horse and rider.
  • Ride across various environments and enjoy the view.
  • Originally for PC and Mac and now available on iOS.

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Planet Horse, 7.7 out of 10 based on 20 ratings
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