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Release: Aug 2012
Reviewed on: PC

Planetoid 3

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Planetoid 3 is a simple, fun and interesting space strategy game set within a solar system. The game is published by Metalsoul Studios with music from Caelestis


The game is available for $5 from the official website but there is a timed demo available so you can try out Planetoid 3 before committing yourself to a purchase.

Each game of Planetoid 3 has you choosing your own race and attempting to conquer space from the other races in the solar system. The other races aren’t the only other threat though as the solar system also shifts and changes with time. This includes asteroids crashing into planets and other space anomalies that can completely destroy your hopes for galactic dominance.

Games in Planetoid 3 can support up to 8 players which can create some extremely intense battles for dominance. New players will have the best experience by sticking to a single opponent or just a few. Once in the game players are given a starting amount of Keldanyum and energy which is used to build and maintain various buildings.

Buildings in Planetoid 3 are split between buildings, resources and ships with each serving their own purpose in the game world. Players will spend most of their early game constructing their core buildings such as houses to boost their population and anti-space guns to defend against early attacks.


Once players have built their ship they can start exploring the solar system and invading other planets by landing and destroying their enemies buildings. Research also players an important role in the game to boost your power in areas of your choosing.

Planetoid 3 is just a simple space strategy game that is surprisingly addictive and thanks to the playable demo there isn’t a reason not to give the game a try.


  • Simple space strategy game.
  • Impressive solar systems to explore and fight for.
  • Watch out for solar flares and asteroids.
  • Good number of quests to attempt.
  • Supports games of up to 8 players.

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Planetoid 3, 7.3 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
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