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Platypus Evolution

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Good: Unique – Over a dozen platypus species and multiple stages
Bad: Carbon copy of Cow Evolution
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Platypus Evolution challenges you to breed platypus together while clicking madly to generate coins at a fast speed in order to purchase more platypus.


The game is the next evolution in the clicker genre combining tap filled gameplay with platypus breeding as well. This unique gameplay makes Platypus Evolution much more interesting than other games in the genre as you breed your platypus empire to see what the next evolution of platypus will lead to.

You’ll also get to experience a great art style to the game that is both simple and enjoyable, a trait that is common in all games published by Tapps Games (the brains also behind Cow Evolution and Kitty Cat Clicker).

For gameplay in Platypus Evolution you’ll start with an empty lake and receive a new platypus every 10 seconds. These mammals will passively generate coins on the screen by themselves if left to their own devices or can be tapped on with your finger increase their output. These coins can then be used on a small number of upgrades to increase your offline earning potential or increase the rate that you receive boxes.


As an evolution game though a key mechanic of the game though is the ability to combine your platypus together to create more interesting mammals and improve the amount of coins that they generate (both passively and when clicked). This will also you to fill up your Platypus encyclopaedia that is packed with over a dozen species to discover.

The combination of clicker game with 2048 style gameplay creates a very interesting game that is quite the evolution story. The addition of more to do makes this a game that will keep you playing as you try to complete your encyclopaedia of platypus with careful breeding.


  • A cute and unique clicker game experience.
  • Evolve your platypus to fill up your encyclopaedia.
  • Tap your mammals for extra coins.
  • Earn coins even when the app is closed to spend on upgrades.
  • Free for Android and iOS devices.

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Platypus Evolution, 8.5 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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