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Release: Jul 2013
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Pocket Fort

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Good: Futuristic setting – Variety in units and buildings
Bad: Too many boosts for paying players to be fair at high levels
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Prefer your strategy games to be set in the future? Pocket Fort has plenty of futuristic war strategy to experience and is available on Android or your iOS device.


In the game players are tasked with designing their ultimate fort to repel attacks from other players while also sending out their own army to steal resources. Long term success in Pocket Fort requires players to carefully balance these two game aspects while also building up a solid resource generating foundation to ensure they can constantly develop new troops to replace those lost in battle.

Pocket Fort is both a single player and multiplayer experience although the single player elements are designed to hone your skills before jumping into the multiplayer arena. By using single player you can test your fortress or attack a group of pirates to test a new troop strategy.

Building the ultimate fort in Pocket Fort is as much an art as it is a science with players having to carefully balance resource producing buildings such as the gold mine and energy driller with military buildings and defensive structures which range from walls to barbette (artillery gun) and the gunner tower.

All of these buildings aren’t available immediately though and must be careful unlocked by increasing the level of your headquarters. Unlocking in Pocket Fort is well paced enough that you won’t feel too overwhelmed but you do constantly feel rewarded for your game time.


A strategy game wouldn’t be complete without friends though which is where player alliances come into Pocket Fort. With alliances you can join up with your friends (or ones that you make in game) and assist each other in battles through reinforcements.

Pocket Fort is a really nice addition to the strategy game genre that has erupted after the success of Clash of Clans. While it doesn’t look to innovate on the tried and true formula of the genre the futuristic setting is a nice change and the biggest appeal to the game over other options.


  • A futuristic approach to Clash of Clans style strategy.
  • Design the ultimate fort to keep your enemy out while generating resources for you.
  • Plenty of buildings, troops and spells to help you towards victory.
  • Social features make connecting with new and old friends easy.
  • On Android and iOS for free.

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Pocket Fort, 6.5 out of 10 based on 11 ratings
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