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Pockie Kingdom

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Pockie Kingdom is a free to play browser based real time strategy game that uses a side scrolling element similar to the popular Plants vs Zombies series. With lots of upgrades, heroes and soldiers for players to use on the battlefield there are many strategies that you can use to advance through the game and definitely encourages players to try different strategies.


Your Pockie Kingdom adventure is very story driven with players advancing through most of the game by taking on different quests that tie together as part of your war against the rebels. While simple the added story elements do help give you a greater sense of progression as you go from simple battles to more difficult ones.

While the first few levels won’t test most fans of this genre you’ll find that the difficultly quickly ramps up and you’ll need to carefully choose items and upgrades for your heroes to succeed. These upgrading elements slowly unlock as you increase in level so you never feel overwhelmed and just like the story gives you that constant sense of progression.

The characters that you can call onto the battlefield in each match are split between heroes and soldiers. Soldiers will do most of the grunt work for you and can be repeatedly called into one of the lanes on the map but are restricted by a cooldown (generally quite short). Heroes on the other hand are limited to one on the battlefield at once and come with their own skills.


Balancing which to use and when is key to success in the higher levels of Pockie Kingdom where players have to carefully consider the strength of their unit and the weakness of the enemy units. Using a standard rock-paper-scissors format every unit has a strength and weakness.

With so many elements to the game and a good difficulty curve Pockie Kingdom can keep you entertained for hours and is one of the best browser games in this genre.


  • Side scrolling real time strategy game.
  • Lots of heroes and soldiers to send into battle.
  • Customise your setup to create the ultimate strategy.
  • Hundreds of levels and plenty of content to unlock over time.
  • Free to play and browser based.

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Pockie Kingdom, 6.8 out of 10 based on 8 ratings
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