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Release: May 2006

Pocoyo World

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Good: Huge variety in locations, games and activities – Ties into TV series
Bad: Some aspects lack tutorials
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Pocoyo World is a virtual community based on the very popular television series by the same name. The game (like the show) is all about children and engaging their imagination. The game promises a very safe experience that is easy to play giving it appeal to a mostly younger demographic.


In Pocoyo World you’ll get the opportunity to create your own space in an amazing world with plenty of unique locations just waiting to be explored. With options to go an amusement park, the pond, cinema, garden, park, central square and even underwater or outer space. All of these locations have different shops, activities and games so there is no shortage of variety on offer.

If none of these locations take your fancy then you can edit your own private world to create something that you are happy to call home. There are plenty of items and objects that you can fill your own space with so you always feel like you have options available.

For players that would rather focus on customising their avatar the shops stock all sorts of clothing, pets and toys for you to spend your tokens on. Earning these tokens is always fun with a huge list of games that cover a variety of genres and skill levels. Each of these games tracks the highest scores for that day so it’s easy to compete with other Pocoyo World players.


Activities are just as important as games though and you’ll find plenty of opportunities to explore your creativity in Pocoyo’s Workshop with options to build, paint, play with numbers and much more. These activities are also a great learning tool for younger children to reinforce what they are learning through kindergarten or their early school years.

Pocoyo World truly offers an entire world of experiences while it has obvious appeal to followers of the TV series the game will also please children who haven’t been exposed to Pocoyo before.


  • Explore a world based on the TV series of Pocoyo.
  • Simple and age appropriate.
  • Huge variety of locations just waiting to be explored.
  • Play heaps of games and experience fun activities.
  • Make new friends in safe environment.

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Pocoyo World, 7.3 out of 10 based on 23 ratings
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