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Release: 2011
Reviewed on: PC

Pokemon Dawn of Darkness

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Good: Free! - Aims to include every single Pokemon
Bad: Some of the game world feels empty
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Pokemon Dawn of Darkness (PDoD) is a free Pokemon MMO that aims to recreate the Pokemon experience. Pokemon Dawn of Darkness is simply packed with features and receives constant updates to squash bugs and add new content to this ever growing game inspired by Pokemon.


The project is being headed by ‘sickbailey’ with a reasonably large project team behind him to push out updates and fixes at a good pace. There are also positions available from time to time allowing players with some development experience to help improve the game.

Pokemon Dawn of Darkness is not simply a MMO version of a Pokemon game although its easy to think it is at first glance. Dawn of Darkness offers its own unique game world, maps, quests, gyms and NPCs which have been exclusively made for the game.

The game engine that supports the game has also been built from scratch so flexibility and future upgrades are easy to handle thanks to the custom coding.

Pokemon Dawn of Darkness aims to include all Pokemon generations in its game engine so you can definitely ‘catch them all’ in the game. Other features on offer from this free Pokemon MMO include hundreds of beautifully designed maps, customisable player avatars, gym battles, mouse and keyboard movement support, a variety of items to buy, item drops and a secure Pokemon trading system.


Being a MMO community social options are of course another important aspect of Pokemon Dawn of Darkness. Players can interact with others that they meet, add them as a friend, trade Pokemon, create a party or battle against eachother.

Whether you want to run through the game with friends or make some new friends while you play you’ll love the multiplayer options available in Pokemon Dawn of Darkness.


  • Pokemon meets MMO.
  • Constant game updates.
  • Unique maps, not copies of previous Pokemon games.
  • Explore a massive game world.
  • Your Pokemon follows you around!

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Pokemon Dawn of Darkness, 8.2 out of 10 based on 43 ratings


  1. Rex
    December 1, 2013

    I love eevee and its evolution


  2. romnick arellano
    July 31, 2014

    its good



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