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Pokemon Nuzlocke Challenge

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The Pokemon Nuzlocke Challenge is a unique idea that quickly became a popular game mode for Pokemon fans.

The challenge adds a number of rules to the Pokemon games which creates a harder and more difficult game experience that will appeal to Pokemon veterans that are on the search for games like Pokemon.

So what are the Pokemon Nuzlocke Challenge rules? The original challenge involved two very simple rules:

  1. You may only capture the first Pokemon that you encounter in each new area.
  2. If a Pokemon faints then you must release it.


Players are also encouraged to name every Pokemon that they capture. These rules are designed so that players will use Pokemon they most likely would not have used in their team otherwise and to also create a stronger bond with each Pokemon, as if you let them faint they will be lost to you forever.

Since the Pokemon Nuzlocke Challenge first appeared back in 2010 other Pokemon fans have added more optional rules to the challenge to make it an even harder experience than the original. It is now common for Nuzlocke Challenges to use the core two rules with a number of optional rules for the ultimate challenge.

Some of the popular optional rules include:

  • Modifying the first encounter rule to prevent duplicate captures (same Pokemon species).
  • Using a set battle style.
  • Banning the use of potions and other items on Pokemon (using only Pokemon centres).
  • Banning the use of Pokemon centres (relying on items only instead).
  • Instead of releasing fainted Pokemon players can put them in a box to keep their memory alive.
  • Allowing players to bypass the first encounter rule to capture Pokemon for field moves (no battling allowed).

If you are a Pokemon fan looking for your next Pokemon experience and up for a challenge then you can’t look past this popular Pokemon inspired challenge. If you want to learn more about the rules or the challenge origins then use the official website link found below.


  • Relive your old Pokemon games with a fresh experience.
  • A challenge for even the toughest Pokemon veteran.
  • Use Pokemon that you never would have before, creating a unique Pokemon playthrough.
  • Works for all Pokemon games
  • Customisable to your own rules and difficulty.

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