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Pokemon Volcano

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Good: Lots of Pokemon to capture – Great variety of locations
Bad: Lack of updates – Dead community
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Pokemon Volcano is a free to play online game that draws inspiration from the Pokemon games. The game has nearly 500 different Pokemon to capture and stays very true to the formula of the Pokemon series.


Pokemon Volcano has attracted over 1 million registered users with several hundred being online during peak hours. The game hasn’t received updates since 2011 but the core gameplay is plenty to keep most Pokemon fans entertained (just don’t expect any updates to what the game already offers).

Signing up for your Pokemon Volcano account takes seconds and can have you starting your own adventure in no time at all. Upon loading up your account for the first time you will have to select your starter Pokemon from a wide selection of options.

From here your Pokemon adventure is very similar to that of the Pokemon games with players exploring the game map to battle and capture other Pokemon to increase the strength of their party. Of course some Pokemon are much rarer than others so putting a truly powerful team together is no easy task.


As you progress and build your team you will also have to defeat the various gym leaders which unlock more maps and gyms for you to explore. The formula of Pokemon Volcano is nothing special and has been done plenty of times before in the Pokemon series but the fact the game is free to play and accessible online makes it an attractive option for fans of Pokemon.

Other features of Pokemon Volcano include fast movement around the game world (helps cut down on travel time immensely), online battles, a chat system, user rankings and 493 Pokemon to capture. Overall the game is a fairly average Pokemon clone that has its charm but can easily feel like a ghost town during off-peak hours with numbers as low as single digits.


  • Catch 493 different Pokemon.
  • Explore a huge number of maps to find the Pokemon you want.
  • Battle against gyms and players.
  • Chat with others in game or with the forum.
  • Compare yourself with the ranking system.

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Pokemon Volcano, 7.7 out of 10 based on 25 ratings
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