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Release: Aug 2012
Reviewed on: iOS

Puzzle Craft

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Puzzle Craft is the kind of the game that always has something new to do with players never short on activities. The game mixes puzzle matching and basic city building together to deliver an addicting blend of puzzle, strategy and resource management.


In the game the player is charged with building up the kingdom of Sanuku from its very early beginnings. After a brief narrated introduction to the game world players can begin their Puzzle Craft adventure. You are in complete control of your kingdom and you get a real sense of progression throughout the game. Game mechanics also open up to you with great pacing that gives you just enough time to master a mechanic before it introduces the next one.

Gameplay in Puzzle Craft is split up into two different areas. On the one hand players have their kingdom screen where they can construct a variety of buildings. Each of these buildings serves a purpose and are slowly unlocked as you increase your level.

Collecting the resources for these buildings is where the other side of gameplay comes in. In Puzzle Craft you gather resources through a puzzle matching mini game where connecting three or more similar items (using horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines) allows you to collect those resources. Entering the mini game itself costs resources and players have a limited amount of turns which encourages you to be as efficient as possible.


As you advance further into the game you’ll also unlock tools and workers to improve the rate at which you collect items. From here the process starts all over again in an endless cycle of gathering resources for your next building.

Puzzle Craft is about as addicting as it gets with a blend of three match strategy and city building that will entertain you for hours on end.


  • Always an activity that needs your attention.
  • Gather resources in a fun three match mini game.
  • Sell your hard earned resources at the market for gold or use them for buildings.
  • Craft tools to help you clear the land quickly and upgrade workers for bonuses.
  • On iOS and Android.

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Puzzle Craft, 7.3 out of 10 based on 13 ratings
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