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Rainbow Saga

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Bad: Some grinding required – Still early days for the games development
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Rainbow Saga brings the 2D side scrolling genre to the browser space with a very impressive offering that fans of games like MapleStory will feel right at home in. The game does introduce some more casual elements such as auto pathing but retains the more in depth combat and gear decisions that will keep you playing


Focusing on simple controls that will have you using the mouse very sparingly it is easy to explore the world of Rainbow Saga. These controls feel very responsive and each class comes with fast movement skills and even double jumping to ensure your journey time is limited.

Starting out the game offers limited customisation options by only offering you to choose between a male and female character. After completing the necessary tutorial missions players will be able to choose their class with options including the Shadow Ranger, Holy Knight and the Elemantalist. Each of these options sticks fairly closely to what you would expect but all the skills you get are quite flashy and varied.

At this point the game starts to open up with players able to explore a wide range of maps and enter the various instances that the game has to offer. Bosses of these instances prove to be the best way to earn experience, gold and loot so you’ll generally find yourself going from instance to instance.


While levelling up your preferred skills offers power boosts players will find that much of their strength comes from their gear which can be looted from enemies directly, provided as a boss reward or just enhanced for gold through the blacksmithing process. This ensures that upgrades fly at you regularly at the start of your adventure so don’t get too attached to your early items.

While the comparisons to MapleStory are obvious the move into a browser game didn’t come without one or two sacrifices along the way. Rainbow Saga is a strong candidate in the 2D side scrolling space and definitely the leader of the browser options.


  • 2D browser based game.
  • 3 unique classes with great skill variety to choose from.
  • Upgrade your gear to maximum potential.
  • Large community of other players.
  • Instanced based with plenty of bosses to fight.

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Rainbow Saga, 7.8 out of 10 based on 12 ratings
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