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Release: Apr 2017
Reviewed on: PC

Record of Lodoss War Online

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Good: Decent depth in skill system – Plenty of lore – Isometric
Bad: Poor English translations – Basic design
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Record of Lodoss War Online brings the novel of the same name to life in a MMO setting, with a wealth of lore to draw on the game is littered with story to explore as you hack and slash your way through the isometric gameplay.


Starting your adventure with a choice between the typical four MMO classes of warrior, thief, wizard and priest. While each of these lacks customisation on a visual front the anime art style is enough to hold its own although does wear thin as you walk past identical players. With your class locked in you’ll step into the isometric game world to claim quest rewards, increase your power and engage with the lore of the land.

Since the Shaman update in late 2017 players can also play as an Elf Elemental user who advances to an Elementalist and Ranger for a fifth class option who is designed for the intermediate to advanced player that is familiar with the game.

Nostalgia is strong as soon as players enter the game with an isometric style that feels like the first Diablo and many of the earlier MMOs with a basic point and click interface. Despite the basic surface gameplay there is a reasonable amount of depth that hides within the skill system which is based around a chain reaction system which splits your skills into active, passive and reaction.


How you max these skills and combine them together forms the basis of gameplay variety in Record of Loddoss War Online as the game does not involve more modern day MMO mechanics such as dodging or skill timing. Instead the focus of Loddoss War is clearly on the RPG and story aspects with plenty of dungeons to explore (solo or with large parties) and uncover the stories around the game world.

Record of Lodoss War Online definitely has strong appeal for those wanting a lore based game with good population albeit basic party based gameplay.


  • Play as one of five different heroes.
  • Isometric gameplay.
  • Explore a large world filled with dungeons for solo and party play.
  • Combine active, passive and reaction skills for your ideal setup.
  • Based on the story and world of the same title.

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Record of Lodoss War Online, 3.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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  1. game_tester
    November 12, 2017

    -unable to install and launch the game
    -Korean error message popped up after clicking
    -don’t seem to have game updates recently

    Tried the game in 2017


  2. Player17
    November 14, 2017

    -Cannot download and open the game (Don’t waste time)

    -There are not much major updates recently



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