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Reviewed on: PC

Relic Rescue

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Good: Free and no need to spend money – Story background – Bonus levles
Bad: Controls feel sluggish and sometimes inaccurate
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Relic Rescue is a free bubble shooter for Windows that tasks you with assisting Wanda and Buck as they venture across 150 levels to reclaim the priceless relics from Wanda’s grandfather’s map, a place that nobody believes even exists.


In each level of Relic Rescue players will have a goal to achieve, generally the collection of a golden key, in order to move onto the next level. In order to reach your level objective you’ll have to clear the hundreds of marbles that stand in your way by creating matches of 3 or more colours. Occasionally players will also encounter a bonus level with different mechanics.

Other treasures lie hidden within each level though such as gold coins, stars and relics which either help you obtain game boosts or provide a boost to your score for that level. Coins and relics can also be multiplied depending on your current streak (which attracts cute little animals to fly or swim around the bottom of your screen depending on the level).

The restrictions you’ll have to overcome are a limited number of marbles in each level (sometimes several 100s) with the ability to only swap between your current marble and the one next in queue and all sorts of obstacles that can only be removed under certain circumstances or not at all.


To counter act this Relic Rescue offers up extra balls and a variety of the usual power ups that make clearing the game board quickly while also offering up something to spend your hard earned game coins on.

Of all the bubble shooting downloadable game titles, Relic Rescue is definitely part of the top tier thanks to the story, fun level design and various bonus levels. The lack of need to make a purchase (with a bit of patience) also makes it possible to complete the entire game without a purchase for the dedicated player.


  • Find all the relics across over 100 levels.
  • Long game levels ranging from a few minutes to over 10.
  • Play various bonus levels with different mechanics.
  • Earn coins for power ups to conquer harder levels.
  • Free to play downloadable bubble shooter for Windows.

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Relic Rescue, 6.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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