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RolyPolyLand is an online game similar to Club Penguin that is designed for users aged between 4 and 12 years old.


RolyPolyLand is developed by Newkids Media, a company that has years of experience in developing online social games for children. RolyPolyLand was originally launched in Russia under a different name and after attracting millions of users the game saw a global release under the name of RolyPolyLand.

Like other virtual worlds for the same age group RolyPolyLand allows users to meet other players, have fun through games while also learning. RolyPolyLand is a moderated online environment which makes it extremely safe and friendly.

In RolyPolyLand players will create their own character (known as a Roly) within minutes and customise it to their preferred look. Best of all the game is constantly being updated so there is always new items for players to customise their avatar with and a new experience around every corner.

RolyPolyLand has a strong emphasis on games which incorporate educational learning. The games on offer will help develop your memory, reaction time and creative abilities while also reinforcing knowledge learned through early school years.


RolyPolyLand’s focus on safety is next to none in the online virtual world environment and includes content filters and a team moderators. The content filters check all text before it can be seen by other players, this protects against foul language and the release of personal information. While the online moderator team is active for 24hrs a day to ensure that any situations can be dealt with as they arise.

RolyPolyLand is free to play but offers a paid membership option to unlock additional game features (which is standard for the genre). RolyPolyLand also offers gems though which are cheaper and allow players to unlock only the features that they desire or purchase premium items.


  • Create a Roly and explore the world of RolyPolyLand.
  • Lots of free content to experience.
  • Fun games that also educate.
  • Two tier payment system (membership and gems).
  • Safe and friendly community.

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