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Roombreak: Escape Now!!!

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If your idea of the perfect game involves you attempting to break out of a room then the Roombreak: Escape Now!!! should definitely be near the top of your must play list. Roombreak is free to play with support for iOS and Android devices.


Like many games before it the game instantly throws you right into the thick of things. Players can choose to play as one of six different characters which have their own episode within the game. These episodes offer a different experience, setting and overall feel which makes for some great variety in the content. While they all have their own stories behind the focus is very much on escaping and won’t bog you down with unnecessary story elements.

While the settings are different each episode features one recurring element, a locked door for players to pass through. Unlocking these doors is not going to be as easy as turning the door knob though with episodes requiring players to complete often a large process of events in order to get the door open. Most of this process involves the use of inventory style puzzles but there are also more generalised puzzle types available that regular puzzle players will recognise.

The game also features a healthy blend of hidden object style puzzles so fans of hidden object hunts will also be attracted to the gameplay of Roombreak: Escape Now!!!


The difficulty bar is set fairly high in Roombreak though with very minimal help in the form of hints, unless you want to cough up some cash for an in game purchase. If you are patient in your approach and take the time to carefully think your steps through though this is never needed.

Considering the amount of content and variety you are getting from Roombreak: Escape Now!!! it’s definitely not one to miss if you enjoy the genre.


  • Six different episodes with their own theme.
  • Good variety of puzzles to solve.
  • Mixture of inventory and hidden object style of gameplay.
  • Nice difficultly level for both veterans and newcomers.
  • Can you escape the room?

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Roombreak: Escape Now!!!, 8.2 out of 10 based on 12 ratings
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