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The Royal Trap

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Good: So many endings with some fun twists – Well-presented graphics
Bad: Most choices are very clear cut (not much depth)
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The Royal Trap is another popular visual novel experience developed by Hanako Games. The game features the same high level of polish of their other games and includes a playable demo on their official website that lets you play through the prologue and first chapter (out of 16 chapters).


The Royal Trap features a number of story branches which ultimately offers the player 15 different endings. This is almost double if not triple the endings that similar games offer so if you love chasing all the game endings in visual novels you’ll really enjoy The Royal Trap.

In the game you play as the prince’s companion (Madeleine Valois) who is in charge of looking after him and keeping him out of trouble. The majority of the story revolves around a meeting between the prince and her potential new queen. After she goes missing the player realises that something fishy is going on in this town and you’ll need to rescue her for the prince. During this adventure though you might just be the one that falls in love with the prince instead.

Gameplay isn’t very different to the other games in Hankao Games portfolio but the setting is something completely different. Players will read through the story while making decisions at crucial moments in the story line.


While the early parts of the game have very little variation after players complete the fourth chapter the game can break into four completely separate plot lines from which the story can branch several more times.

If you’ve tried the other games on offer from Hanako Games it’s hard to pass up this visual novel, especially considering the number of story branches available to explore. With 15 different endings there is no shortage of replay opportunity here either.


  • Play as the prince’s assistant and keep him out of trouble.
  • Develop a romantic relationship with the prince.
  • A total of 15 different endings to experience.
  • Heaps of replay potential.
  • On Windows and Mac with a demo on the official website.

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The Royal Trap, 9.1 out of 10 based on 13 ratings
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