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Release: Sep 2013
Reviewed on: iOS

Samurai Siege

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Prefer your strategy games to be a fast paced affair? Samurai Siege is one of the fastest strategy experiences around and promises to keep you playing for longer periods of time rather than waiting around for troops to be trained or buildings to built.


Samurai Siege takes place in a Japanese style setting with a focus on raising an army of samurai, ninjas, archers, dragons and more. The game is free to play and while there are purchases that you can make to give you an edge over your opponents (the premium currency of diamonds) these never feel necessary which is an important balance that many games miss.

Gameplay is split into three different areas, the city building element, the troop recruitment and the real time strategy battles. City building is an important foundation of the game with players having to balance their production, army and defensive buildings to ensure they can develop an army with good speed but also defend themselves from attack.

A successful army in Samurai Siege thrives on diversity with players having plenty of options in regards to the combination of troops to take into battle. This includes powerful melee units, ranged weapon users, units designed for building destruction (such as the ram) or utility type units like the healer. Mix and matching these units to find a strategy that works for you is a large part of the fun experience.


Once you’ve got your solid city foundations and developed a team that you think provides a good mixture of stats you can take them into the single player campaign or multiplayer environment.

The single player is one of the standout areas in Samurai Siege with a long and tough campaign to follow that offers more depth than other options. While multiplayer is in line with what other games are currently offering and is centred on raiding others for supplies to boost your own strength.


  • Build up an army of unique units including samurai, ninjas and dragons.
  • Plenty of strategy to explore.
  • Buy diamonds to gain an extra advantage and reduce wait time.
  • Fairly fast paced compared to other games.
  • Well designed and highly polished game.

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Samurai Siege, 7.5 out of 10 based on 29 ratings
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