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Release: Jun 2016
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SAO’s Legend

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Bringing the anime world of Sword Art Online to your browser, SAO’s Legend surrounds you with a familar world, plenty of quests, regular events and a healthy community.


Sword Art Online fans have no doubt been waiting a long time for a Sword Art Online themed game and they’ll be pleased to know it captures the anime fairly well although the gameplay can be quite lacking (although on par with other browser titles).

Featuring four classes you’ll explore the world of Aincrad as a Ranger, Priest, Swordsman or Knight. Each of course comes with their own active and passive skills to battle through the instanced dungeon areas. Further strength can be gained through a deep item system and the girlfriend system that lets a girlfriend join your side as an ally.

The upgrade path offering in SAO’s Legends is one of its most detailed components with the ability to equip 12 different items, along with wings and mounts. Items in particular offer the most depth, be it grinding equipment instances, polishing items for stat boosts or adding gems to them.


In terms of combat its fairly in line with other browser based titles with players able to command their character or opt for automated combat and pathing instead. Instead of engaging combat SAO’s Legend like many other browser games offfers you longevity through regular events, special offers and decent social elements.

SAO’s Legend definitely succeeds in this regard and the result is a high quality browser game when compared against its direct competitors. While it’s definitely not the Sword Art Online game long term fans have been waiting for if you enjoy the browser RPG genre and have a soft spot for Sword Art Online you’ll definitely enjoy the adventure for a while.


  • Sword Art Online themed browser game.
  • Equip 12 items, wings, mounts and girlfriends.
  • Choose from 4 different classes.
  • Regular events supported with a large community.
  • Control your character or opt for automatic gameplay instead.

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SAO's Legend, 8.3 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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