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Serenia Fantasy

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Serenia Fantasy is a simple 2D browser based game that has plenty of impressive features that make it one of the better browser games available. The game has been online since mid-2012 and has quickly gained a devote fan base.


The game has impressive visuals and a great UI that won’t overwhelm players unlike other games that try to pack everything in. The game also has a great crafting system and even offers pet transformation to help set it apart from other games.

Character options are fairly limited with much of your customisation taking place through actual gameplay. Players are limited to choosing their gender and one of the three available classes which fall under the standard archetypes of warrior, mage and ranger.

Once you step out of the tutorial town you’ll be introduced into the combat which uniquely is mostly automated with player characters automatically engaging nearby enemies when they aren’t moving. Casual gamers will love the simplicity in this combat system but more hardcore fans of the MMO genre will probably find it boring without much direct control of engages with enemies.

On top of this automated combat players can also design their own bots by choosing a number of settings which control healing, skills, which monsters to fight and which loot to collect. Serenia Fantasy definitely does away with the need for grinding at your computer which does help you reach the always more enjoyable late game content sooner.

Serenia Fantasy’s pet and skill system beef up the combat content and are both well designed. With the pet system players are able to equip spirit eggs (randomly dropped by monsters) to boost their stats and can even turn into that monster for a short period of time. While the skill system lets you max every single available to you, so there is no fear of making a mistake with your character. For this to be possible skills are unlocked through skill books and level up as you use them rather than a traditional skill point system.


The final impressive feature that Serenia Fantasy has to offer is the in game encyclopaedia that easily lets you learn about the monsters you’ll be up against while also showing you what items they drop. This makes tracking down enemies for a quest or crafting materials extremely easy and stops you having to visit a game wiki or database outside the game.

If your two requirements for a game are browser based and casual friendly Serenia Fantasy is easily one of the top options.


  • Very casual focused browser based MMORPG.
  • Simple graphics with a great UI system.
  • Automated combat and botting supported.
  • Unique pet system and the ability to use every skill (no more skill screw ups!)
  • Built in encyclopaedia keeps you in the game.

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Serenia Fantasy, 7.3 out of 10 based on 15 ratings
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