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Release: Jan 2015
Reviewed on: iOS


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Good: Secret solution – Unique gameplay
Bad: Some poorly designed shadows
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Shadowmatic will change the way you look at the world requiring players to call on their abstract imagination to advance through this puzzling game. Available for iOS the game focuses on players created shadows of objects by using silhouettes of oddly shaped items.


This relaxing approach to gameplay and the stunning visuals have given the game a number of awards. Gameplay is split between 10 different environments for a total of just over 80 individual levels. These environments not only change the theme and visuals but also the musical accompaniment creating a great atmosphere.

To advance through these levels players must solve what can only be compared to a game of shadow puppets. Within each level you’ll have a strange item suspended in the air in front of you which casts a shadow on the nearby wall. Your goal from this point is to then rotate and twist this strange shape in order to get the shadow on the wall to resemble a real life object.

The design of these floating items is the real key to the game with shapes beyond the first few levels making zero sense but somehow managing to form crisp 2D shadows when rotated correctly, a feeling that is the definition of satisfaction. Players can also uncover a number of secret solutions which will really test the completionist in you.


For those moments for when you do get stuck players will slowly acquire hints as they advance which will often come in handy for those times you find yourself stuck. Players can also opt to purchase extra hints through in game purchases.

Shadowmatic is definitely worthy of your attention with its uniqueness, beautiful graphics and brain teasing design.


  • Create shadow images with odd shapes.
  • 10 different environments and over 80 levels.
  • Wonderful music design adds to the atmosphere.
  • Use hints to help you pass the mind boggling levels.
  • For iOS devices.

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Shadowmatic, 8.6 out of 10 based on 12 ratings
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