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Release: Mar 2015
Reviewed on: PC

Shelter 2

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Bad: Poor camera moments – Not enough incentive to explore
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Shelter 2 is the second survival journey, while the game is similar in design to the original Shelter this time around you’ll be playing the predator as you control a mother Lynx. While you might have upgraded from badger though there are still deadly enemies and a harsh environment to deal with.


Players start their Shelter 2 adventure as a pregnant Lynx who is being hunted by a pack of wolves. Throwing off their scent is your first task in the game and requires players to move through the dark winter night, jump obstacles and evade them. This leads the player to finding an appropriate shelter to give birth, at which point players can name each of their four new babies.

From this point the game takes you through the lifecycle of these new borns as you hunt for food, take them to the river to drink and keep them safe. Mastering hunting techniques and passing them onto your new children is vital to continuing your family line.

While there are some basic requirements to keep your children alive Shelter 2 for the most part is a very open and free experience with players able to explore in any direction.


For those that want something to strive for though the game does include some hidden items, different shelters and the ability to start the Lynx life cycle all over again. While this this is by no means required perusing the new life cycle objective is intended. With such a large world the game features a simple scent mechanic that marks key locations.

While gameplay is quite minimal Shelter 2 is more about the connection you create with your cubs as they grow up and become self sufficient and the way that the world around you changes with the seasons.


  • An interesting animal based game.
  • Protect your children and explore the world to start the cycle again.
  • Find hidden items scattered around the game world.
  • Hunt rabbits and deers across the seasons.
  • Unique art style with many mechanics to learn for survival.

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Shelter 2, 8.5 out of 10 based on 37 ratings
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