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Combining civilization building and simple strategy together is Siegelord, a browser based game that is simple but offers lots of content to keep you engaged. Set in a medieval fantasy theme you’ll call upon archers and warriors to fill the ranks of your army as you battle in a world full of chaos.


Set in the land of Theiden the game has players signing their allegiance to either the Kingdom of Albion, Nords Alliance and Empire of Gorm. Once you’ve selected your desired team you’ll battle across the game map to claim provinces from other players or complete the single player orientated campaign instead.

Gameplay in Siegelord revolves around building up your army for the simple real time battles (emphasis on simple, you really only make a few decisions). In order to field an army though you’ll need the economic support of your settlement to generate the 4 in game resources, technology to enhance your troops and crafting of equipment.

On the economic side this requires players to build a selection of buildings on their available land in order to generate resources, similar to other strategy browser games there is a fair amount of waiting to be had here but nothing too crazy that it detracts from gameplay.

Taking these resources you can recruit troops for your army. While it starts out with fairly basic troop options this can quickly expand into into you sending out multiple formations into battle that are lead by generals with skills and equipment that are slowly unlocked through the game.

Each battle is a simple affair and relies on a rock-paper-scissors approach that has you selecting the correct attack formation (assault, attack or defence) to counter that of your opponents. If you can counter you’ll get a bonus and be able to defeat their front line of troops.


This rock-paper-scissors gameplay continues until every line of your army or the opponents is defeated, beyond this attack formation there is little influence over battles which makes the game more about making the right economic and general choices than strategic battle decisions.

Siegelord is a simple game that has lots of elements thrown into one, you won’t soon run out of things to do but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to keep playing.


  • Combines civilization building and strategy.
  • Choose the right formation to counter that of your foe.
  • Select from the 3 different factions.
  • Recruit powerful generals and equip them with gear.
  • Free and browser based.

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Siegelord, 7.5 out of 10 based on 12 ratings
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    not a game if the win can be bought



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