Metacritic: 75/100
Release: Jan 2001
Reviewed on: PC


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Good: Game pacing and progression – Easy to get into
Bad: Less of a focus on rides than other games
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SimCoaster lets you take control of your own theme park and develop it as you please. The game has great progression that takes you across multiple zones which slowly unlocks new (and fun) attractions.


At the start of the game you’ll be hired as the assistant manager of a park and as you prove your worth you’ll receive several promotions and increased share holdings. The game world is split into three very distinct and unique zones for you to develop with is part of the presidents overall vision for a great amusement park experience. These areas include the grassy Land of Invention, the cold Polar region and the desert like Arabian Nights.

Each of these zones has different rides and scenery for players to use to develop the overall theme of each section. Along the way you’ll also be guided by the handy adviser that always has your back and alerts you to any important information regarding your park, the guests or your finances.

As the manager of the park you’ll have to look after all the aspects that go into creating a successful amusement park. This includes designing your park layout, choosing which rides to place, altering the ride properties, hiring staff and managing the books. You’ll also have to work on advertising your park to guests and trying to achieve various park awards to boost your popularity further.


In order to extend your parks reach beyond the initial starting area you’ll have to meet constantly increasing objectives. Some of these objectives will also reward you with the much sought after golden tickets which are used to build some of the best game attractions.

Success in SimCoaster requires careful planning and management and is a different breed of theme park tycoon with less focus on the rides (compared to Rollercoaster Tycoon for example).


  • Join the company as an assistant manager and aim for the top.
  • Create parks in three very different game worlds.
  • Lots of objectives and challenges.
  • Plenty of park aspects to manage.
  • Available on Windows.

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SimCoaster, 7.3 out of 10 based on 8 ratings
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