Metacritic: 72/100
Release: Feb 2007
Reviewed on: PC

The Sims Life Stories

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Good: Runs on low system requirements – Story mode with two stories
Bad: Not enough depth for hardcore fans of The Sims
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The Sims Stories is a series of video games optimised for laptops and older computers. The Sims Life Stories was the first game in this popular spin-off series and lets players who can’t meet the requirements for the main series get to experience what The Sims has to offer.


The Sims Life Stories captures the same gameplay that made the original series so popular. In the game players can create their own Sim, design the house of their dreams, chase their desires and much more. The Sims Life Stories focuses on a number of life milestones and captures the unforgettable experiences that define your life.

The game is slightly more simplified than the core series of games and has a two central stories for players to explore in the story mode. A classic free play mode is available that is completely open ended.  The first story revolves around Riley Harlow as she moves into a new city and attempts to start her life anew. While the second story follows a tech millionaire named Vince Moore as he searches for love.


The story mode options are mostly scripted events with goals to help guide players towards the completion of each story. Each of these stories takes place in a different neighbourhood and the free play mode takes the total number of neighbourhoods up to 3 so there are enough replay opportunities available to players.

The Sims Life Stories has scored well with critics and fans of The Sims series and is without a doubt a popular option for gamers needing a life simulation experience but are restricted by their available hardware. The story modes in themselves also offer enough game hours that fans of The Sims wanting a structured Sims story to follow can also purchase a copy.


  • Very similar to the core series of The Sims games.
  • Optimised to run on lower system requirements.
  • Two very different stories to experience.
  • Also includes a free play mode.
  • Available on PC and Mac.

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The Sims Life Stories, 8.6 out of 10 based on 45 ratings
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