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Good: Free – Various paksets to alter graphics and gameplay – Features land, sea and air
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Simutrans is a unique open source and free to play game like OpenTTD. While similar the game does take the transport tycoon and management genre in some interesting directions thanks to its far reaching community of contributors.


Your objective in Simutrans is simple but achieving it is anything but, ensuring a real challenge for players. This objective is to create and maintain an efficient system for transportation while staying financially viable. Similar to other titles this means transporting passengers, mail and goods with fast delivery times and minimal stops along the way.

Simutrans is unique in that this transportation takes place not only over land but also sea and air. All of this is also supported by the impressive level of map customisation that is available on the massive maps, giving you the ability to shape the terrain for your requirements.


Controlling the flow of goods in Simutrans gives players some macro control over the economy as you drive the flow of coal, oil and gas to increase output in facilities and support growing town infrastructures. Managing these commodities with consumer goods, mail and the people themselves requires careful management to ensure all needs are met and they continue to use your transport company for their needs.

If the depth of the core game isn’t enough for you or you want to mix up the art style then the large range of Paksets will offer what you need. With around a dozen of these available they completely alter the graphics and even gameplay mechanics to give you potentially a dozen games in one. If that still isn’t enough players can jump into the multiplayer scene for an additional challenge.


  • Free and open source transport management game.
  • Install various Paksets to alter graphics and gameplay.
  • Transport people, mail, goods and commodities by land, sea and air.
  • Grow your empire and watch towns build around your provided transport.
  • Play on massive maps or use multiplayer for an extra challenge.

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Simutrans, 7.9 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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