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Release: Mar 2016
Reviewed on: iOS

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Good: Active servers – More strategic than other games in the niche
Bad: Slow servers depending on location – Lacks stat tracking
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Employing a similar concept to but altering it to create a new arcade style game is, a MMO browser/mobile title that offers up fast and competitive snake like gameplay.


Controlling your snake inspired avatar your objective is to grow your size in order to dominate the game server. In order to do so players must gather small coloured pellets that spawn randomly across the map or eat the pellets of fallen snakes controlled from other players.

Given that other snakes offer the biggest boost to your size its a deadly snake eat snake world in Your weapons in this fight are the length of your snake (if you run into the side of another player you’ll disappear and turn into pellets) and a speed boost that can be activated at a moments notice at the cost of some size.


With these mechanics players will often try to box other players in, sharply turn in front of them at speed and similar tactics in order to claim your pellets for themselves. This design also means that while extra length is definitely an advantage there is nothing stopping a well placed smaller snake taking out a large one, making it a more fair alternative to

Servers in usually have around the high hundreds and sometimes topping out in the thousands during peak hours. To help you understand how you fit into the current game displays a leader board and your current rank amongst players. For further personalisation includes a number of skins.


  • A more strategic arcade style title.
  • Grow your snake and rise up the leader board.
  • Use careful placement and speed boosts to trap opponents.
  • Pick from a number of skins to personalise your snake.
  • Play in your browser or on a mobile device.

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