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Small Street

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Good: Expand your city sideways – Multiple businesses in each category
Bad: Slow game pace (even in the beginning) – Nearly everything requires premium currency
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Opting to replace the building upwards mechanic of Tiny Tower with a horizontal game is Small Street, a free to play street simulation game for iOS and Android. Expand your street with businesses and apartments as you watch a thriving street atmosphere build up over time.


As expected your role in this adventure is that of the town mayor which gives you full control to build the biggest and most popular street in the whole town. Starting off innocently enough the game guides players through building a new town house for more residents, stocking a business to earn money and using the taxi to cart people around your bustling street.

With the basics out of the way players are given free reign over the street which starts with two townhouses (able to hold 5 people), a sunglass hut and a sushi bar, both of which can employee up to 3 employees. With this as your foundation your objective is to grow to the right of the screen by purchasing land for sale and placing either a business or residential housing on it.

Opting to use a similar system to the popular Tiny Tower residents that move into your street will have their own stats in one of 5 areas along with a best match job that provides bonuses (quick restock of items). These categories cover restaurant, apparel, services, education and relaxation which correspond to the available business types that you can build.


While the money flows in from stock sold within these businesses places can take control of the streets taxi, taking newcomers to townhouses to become a permanent resident or just to a particular shopping spot for a small tip. With a slow taxi this can be painful once you’ve got an expansive street with the only means of upgrading premium currency.

While on the topic of premium currency Small Street hides many of its greatest features behind the paywall such as the aforementioned taxi upgrade along with the costumes system that lets you customise your little people. This combined with the painfully slow progress you’ll make in the game (even early on) sees it sit firmly in the average column in terms of simulation titles.


  • Build your own street of apartments and businesses.
  • Match your people with ideal jobs to maximise income.
  • Taxi people around for small tips.
  • Use costumes to customise your favourite workers.
  • Free on Android and iOS.

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Small Street, 7.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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