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Social Empires

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Social Empires is a very popular free browser based strategy experience (available on Facebook) that can also be played on your iOS device (both game versions are connected). As the name suggests the game also has plenty of social features that players can participate in if they choose to.


The game plays out like most online strategy games allowing players to create their empire, recruit an army and then battle against other players. What sets Social Empires ahead of other games though is the polished experience and large amount of content to unlock and use. This includes over 150 units, over 50 buildings, hundreds of goals to guide your gameplay and over 60 adventure missions to attempt.

The game takes place during a medieval time period with players controlling cartoon like humans as they attempt to protect themselves from a variety of evil creatures and build up their civilisation. On top of these computer controlled creatures there are also other players to worry about.

You will start your Social Empires experience with a single plot of land and slowly be able to expand your empire to include up to 9 plots of land which allows you to build more buildings for the expansion of your empire. Buildings vary from simple decorations to defensive outposts and places where unit creation takes place.


Since there are over 100 different units available there are plenty of strategic combinations for you to create. Each unit has their own stats (health, attack, speed, range) along with strengths and weaknesses in battle which makes up most of the strategy game elements. Combat takes place in a turn based environment with players first deploying their available troops into their desired formation.

Social Empires doesn’t offer anywhere near the depth of other full blown strategy titles but as far as free and accessible strategy games go it stands well above any other options. If you are a fan of the strategy genre and want something more casual you’ll like what it has to offer.


  • Easy to learn and hard to master.
  • Casual experience, play online or on your iOS device.
  • Huge amount of content to unlock and use.
  • Free to play!
  • PvP combat available with access to thousands of potential opponents.

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Social Empires, 7.2 out of 10 based on 20 ratings
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