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Soul Seeker

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Good: Large hero range – Play active RPG gameplay or use the auto feature
Bad: Poor UI that requires lots of menus to change heroes or items
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Bringing the hero collection mechanics to an action RPG framework Soul Seeker is a more active take on the genre and available on iOS and Android.


Exploring the world of Hermes through a number of pre defined dungeon battles. Each of these battles will claim one of your keys which regenerate slowly over time to prevent playing for extended period of times in typical freemium fashion. With each stage lasting several minutes though most players won’t hit this invisible wall too often.

Starting with one of five medium strength heroes with a typical archetype players will then collect and build a team of over 500 different heroes with their own stats, equipment and designs.

This system sees players controlling a single hero through joystick and attack buttons while supporting heroes will boost your leader’s attack and provide additional skills for combat. Additionally an auto option allows your character to automatically conquer the level and is a great way to grind out experience with minimal interaction.


Heroes can come from a number of different archetypes and also vary in star rating which provides the main form of progression as you seek to get higher value heroes through either training, fusing or finding them as rewards. Said rewards come in many forms from defeating the bosses at the end of each scenario stage, fighting against large world bosses or playing one of the other game modes (such as PvP).

The sheer number of things with Soul Seeker makes it a game you play over an extended period of time as you build a strong hero collection, fight other players, unlock powerful set items and face off against world bosses. It’s ideal for players who love to get engaged with a game for the long haul and don’t mind a bit of a grind to get there.


  • Fight with hundreds of different heroes.
  • Use powerful items and unlock set items.
  • Battle against large world bosses or other players in PvP.
  • Train your heroes or fuse them to become more powerful.
  • For Android and iOS players.

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Soul Seeker, 7.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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