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Space Food Truck

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Imagine you find yourself in a procedurally generated galaxy at the wheel of a spaceship hurtling through space to find exotic ingredients, craft recipes and delivering them to your waiting customers. This is the setting of Space Food Truck which pairs with co-operative gameplay and deck building to round out this galactic adventure.


Supporting play for between 1 and 4 players you’ll take on the role of one (or more) crew members as you work together to create and deliver 3 food items across a randomly generated galaxy. Each game promises several hours of game time and can be played across 4 different difficulty settings to test your culinary abilities.

Mechanically achieving this objective sees players taking on the role of Captain, Chef, Scientist and Engineer who have their own abilities on the ship but still rely on each other for a successful delivery. The Captain for example obtains information about surrounding planets and carefully selects the nodes to visit, The Chef cooks ingredients while also eating the cards of the crew, The Scientist researches new abilities and powers up current ones while the Engineer repairs and upgrades the ship.

All of these abilities are tied to game cards which players select from their hand as they are drawn from the deck. While your deck starts at only 10 cards (with players drawing 5 each turn) it can quickly explode in size as players are forced to buy a card at the end of their turn from the Zap-Mart which stocking is part of the Captain’s role. Having the money to purchase a strong card is another matter with cards having a monetary value to them which quickly exponentially causes issues if you pick up bad cards that are either useless or have low monetary value.

Accordingly in Space Food Truck your main enemy is not the space pirates or the wormholes of space but instead deck bloat which limits your characters abilities to perform their primary function and keep the ship operational. Of course there are number of mechanics to counter this from cards that can destroy unwanted cards to some of the Chef’s core abilities.


Strategic allocation of cards in the Zap-Mart, careful planning of character turns, constant deck management and even trading cards between characters is where most of the strategy comes into play. While it sounds simple enough random events which occur every time you jump to a new planet and at the start of each turn can quickly derail even the most robust plans. Maybe your life support will be damaged, your shields completely drained or a vital card sucked away.

As either a single player game or co-operative one Space Food Truck is exceedingly enjoyable although the small community makes it imperative you pick it up with a friend to get the best experience.


  • Co-operative space themed game that supports between 1 and 4 players.
  • Deliver 3 space meals in 4 different difficulty settings.
  • Battle the dangers of space and a bloating deck of cards.
  • Play live or asynchronously.
  • Fun to learn (and fail) with friends.

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