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Reviewed on: PC

Space Lich Omega

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Good: RPG elements – Large range of locations
Bad: No information provided for once off decisions
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Space Lich Omega takes inspiration from similar ASCII art based RPG titles like Candy Box and A Dark Room but puts a demon spin on the equation with players venturing deep into the church labyrinth to battle demons and exploring the various paths through the mountain.


Gold is the currency of Space Lich Omega and generates slowly over time but can also be generated by spamming the “click” button at the top of the screen. This gold is then invested in the town store to upgrade your store, purchase some armour, stock up on potions, runes and gears.

Gears are the primary source of passive income and once placed in the factory can ensure a steady flow of gold is generated for your adventures. Said adventures take place at the mountain and often require intervention from the player to be successful (such as using potions and magic). This is a slight change of direction from similar games which are more passive in nature and does make the game more active and feel like a proper role playing experience.


As players earn more gold additional mechanics will open up such as the ability to improve their health by combing gunk from batteries with gold, additional locations beyond the mountain to explore and much more.

Space Lich Omega leans more heavily towards RPG than incremental game and combines it with impressive ASCII style art. If you’re a fan of the exceedingly popular Candy Box series you’ll likely enjoy the offering in this browser game as well.


  • ASCII style RPG and incremental title.
  • Free to play and browser based.
  • Venture under the church, through the mountain, into the tower and more.
  • Buy weapons, armour, spells and potions for the journey.
  • Many one off decisions to make which alter your stats.

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Space Lich Omega, 8.1 out of 10 based on 12 ratings
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