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Star Trek: Alien Domain

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Good: Star Trek skin – Plenty of mechanics – Refined UI
Bad: Generic gameplay feels like a missed opportunity for more
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The Star Trek universe is vast and it’s this vastness that Star Trek: Alien Domain tries to bring into your browser through a MMO strategy adventure. Fight as the Federation or the Klingon Empire as you build up a fleet of starships as you battle Species 8472 in fluidic space.


Straight from the start of the game players will have to select their preferred faction which will change your list of available ships and officers but not alter the core gameplay significantly. For both factions players will find all their favourite units such as Defiant Starships or the always popular Bird-of-Prey. In addition to these base model starships though players can customise them further with unique weapons and abilities to create a fleet that feels very much your own.

With this fleet players can enjoy a good balance of PvE and PvP opportunities with combat generally being decided by careful use of your available skills, the strength of your units and the battle formation you use.

One thing that is particularly good about the combat is the shield system that means most damage will be healed between battles (as your shield regenerates) with only major damage (to your hull) requiring the expenditure of resources. This lets your collected resources stretch further and takes out that extra element of micromanagement that overall results in better game flow (and feels more Star Trek at the same time).

Combat is just one side of the coin in Star Trek: Alien Domain though with base building and resource management dominating the other side of gameplay. Players will have their main base of operations where you’ll build several different structures to generate and store resources but also provide new technologies for your starships in combat. This plays out in a very similar fashion to the countless other MMO strategy games out there but it does come with a Star Trek skin and a decent amount of choice.


Beyond your home base though players are also encouraged to colonise the stars be creating small colonies and outposts. These provide benefits to players but also represent a risk as they can be raided by other Star Trek players.

Through well designed mechanics and the Star Trek skin Star Trek: Alien Domain offers a much better adventure compared to other titles in this space. It’s still just another browser MMORTS though and won’t convert everyone just because it has a Star Trek title.


  • Explore Fluidic space and battle Species 8472.
  • Choose to play as the Federation or Klingon Empire and experience different units.
  • Construct a home base and capture other planets to colonise the galaxy.
  • Build your fleet of starships and then customise them with weapons, skills and formations.
  • Combines PvP and PvE elements together.

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Star Trek: Alien Domain, 8.1 out of 10 based on 15 ratings
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