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Release: Aug 2014
Reviewed on: iOS

Star Wars: Commander

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Good: Solid gameplay for the genre – Cosmetic looks of Rebel and Imperial troops
Bad: Bland landscapes – Lacking beyond the Star Wars skin
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Star Wars: Commander takes what you love about the mobile strategy genre popularised by Clash of Clans but places a Star Wars skin on the game. This allows you to battle across distant planets as you build your build and lead the Empire or Rebellion to conquest.


Set during the Galactic Civil War that all Star Wars fans would be well familiar with the game explores the struggle of the Rebellion against the oppressive Empire. Players are free to join either side in the conflict as they join a large community of other players for constant PvP or take the slower route through the narrative driven PvE campaign.

While the longevity definitely requires you to get your feet wet into the player versus player arena the narrative that accompanies the single player campaign is one of the most fulfilling in the genre, mostly due to the Star Wars theme giving you an instant connection to the game world, even more so for die hard fans.

Gameplay in Star Wars: Commander is exactly what you would expect and at times can feel like just another clone with a Star Wars skin. You’ll build your base using a variety of building options, wait for them to complete, collect the resources they produce, train your troops and then go hunting for weaker foes to raid for resources. It’s nothing new but Star Wars: Commander does do a very good job of replicating the experience of similar games.


Uniquely the Rebels and Empire aren’t just carbon copies of each other either with the Rebels calling on heroes in battle while the Empire has their powerful war machines to call onto the battlefield. Despite these differences the game still feels very equal on the PvP playing field (mostly due to this all balancing out once you reach a certain base level).

For Star Wars fans that don’t mind a mobile strategy game the narrative alone makes this worth picking up even if you don’t intend to play the game beyond that.


  • Star Wars themed Clash of Clans clone.
  • Play as the Empire or the Rebels.
  • Experience an in depth story in the single player experience.
  • Impressive array of units with multiple upgrades.
  • Play on iOS and Android.

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Star Wars: Commander, 7.4 out of 10 based on 17 ratings
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